The New Agency

In the midst of the happy chaos of a full house I did take some time to talk to the adoption agency I looked into previously. I was concerned that they would be too religious and while I am a Christian I am not “in your face” about my beliefs and worried that this agency might be. I had a wonderful conversation with one of the workers as she told me all about her program.

During the interview she asked me point blank what was going on and if I was still a certified GPS/MAPP trainer. I told her what I knew about the case so far and that right now I had to hold on the adoption plan since I had a placement. She said I could still look if I wanted to but that she would respect  the choice I made about this matter.  She then proceeded to press me more about my certification. I explained that I have been teaching for three years for the county and that I loved teaching new foster parents. She relayed that the families she referred to the training voiced concerns that the case worker always focused on fostering when in fact all her parents were adoptive and how this turned many of them off.

She started asking questions about the training exactly entailed. She did not know anything about GPS/MAPP as it turned out and she wondered if it could be tailored to adoptive only. I smiled to myself because the training really does not focus on foster parenting per say but yes the case worker I worked with would of course focus on foster parenting she was the home finder. I explained it all to her and even offered to bring my books so she could see them and then she started laughing.

“Actually we just want you to teach our families. Would you be interested and if so when could we start?”

I was a bit taken aback and reminded her that at this point I could not start an adoption plan because I had a placement and she laughed again. She said “Sure and if reunification fails you won’t need us for adoption but you have talents and I really think you could be a great resource for our families if you are interested.”

It was my turn to smile now and yes I did sign on. I love training foster families like ours and can’t wait to be a resource.

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