Even better than Disney.

I just took my daughters to Disney. The whole trip was planned they had no clue they got to the airport and almost freaked out when I told them they were coming with me to Disney. They thought my BFF and I were going for the half marathon and they were going to my parents. The shock and joy of that moment will last me awhile. I loved making my kids happy.

So yesterday I picked up the two temporaries from respite and brought them home. I went upstairs to get my little guy first. He was shy and reserved when I came in. He did not look too happy to see me but with some encouragement he came with me to go and get his sister. While I had hoped he would be glad to see me, I got it he was keeping himself in reserves for self preservation so yeah it was a twinge of pain but yep over it. We then go downstairs to get little bit. She looks at me and yells “Mama”  So I laugh and say “No sweet sweet, its only me is that OK?” She gets a big grin on her face and goes to get her jacket. Little bit actually let me put her jacket on her and then no tears or clinginess she came right with me to go home. My heart swelled, she actually liked me I could not believe it. I wanted to scoop her up and kiss her head to toe but no don’t want to overwhelm her.

We get home and I hand them the presents I had bought them. Little bit took the snowman and tossed it aside. OK not a winner but the thought counts right. Well then I hand little man his light saber. His whole face lights up and he whispers “Is this for me?” I assure him it is and then show him how to operate it. He screeched and jumped off the chair to play with it. Two hours later it is bed time so I must demand that the games stop. He is saddened but understands and puts it away.

Get kids into their pajamas and send them off to bed. Little bit snuggles for a half a minute on me before demanding I put her down in the crib. I kiss her one last time and go upstairs for little man. I go through the usual routine and tuck him in for bed. Suddenly as I bend down to kiss his head he grabs my neck and kisses me back. I wanted to cry he is attaching to me.

Best Disney vacation and ending ever!!!

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