Its Superman’s Bedtime

Well bed time is always an adventure in the house. Tonight I announce as I change little miss’s diaper that there are 5 minutes until bed time. Little man continues his ninja moves through the house so I repeat myself to ensure he heard me. M2 raises her voice

“We know Mum mum you told us”

I however, continue to be amazed as to what “I know” versus what actually happens in the house but I digress. So at the appointed time I announce “Everyone bed” and the associated grumblings happen as the children suddenly switch into super slow mode and make it look like they are going to their rooms. I carry little miss to her bed to a chorus of “no night night, no night night” and am aware there is crying. I look around and see no one. I listen, it sounds like little man, but where is he. I find him sobbing in the girls room in the corner and I ask “What’s up buddy?” He wails “I never got to do anything tonight” I point out everything he did do including coloring, ninja moves and running around with his Superman doll and the wailing continues. Suddenly I realize what he means, the other girls were playing on their Nintendos and he did not get a chance. I reassure him tomorrow is a new day and for sure tomorrow he can play with the DS. M1 to her credit also added “Yeah little man you can play with mine” and I usher him out of the room. I tuck the girls in and look up the stairs and little man is sitting looking rejected.

“Hey how is my super hero doing?”

“Superman doesn’t want to go to bed. He thinks no one likes him and he doesn’t want to sleep he is not tired”

I scoop little man up and place him on my lap. Wow Superman is having a rough day. I hug him tight and remind him that he is very much cared for and cared about and that sometimes, just sometimes, bad things happen to super heroes even though nobody means for it to happen. I remind him that super heroes always save the day and that even when they feel lonely because they can’t tell everyone who they are that they are still loved very much. He snuggles into my chest and I carry him to bed. After a series of kisses and tucking ins he takes my hand

“Superman said he is going to go to sleep now because he is not afraid and that tomorrow he is going to save the day again”

I kiss him on the head one more time and say “I hope he does my favorite super hero. I hope he does.”

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