Tales from the Crib

OK so I have the placement and she definitely is warming up to me. She laughs with me now smiles and even lets me hold her for a few minutes. But honestly it has been awhile since I had a long term toddler placement so I had to get a crib instead of the pack and play I use for the infant respites.

I go to Craigslist find a crib, go with a friend to a public location to pick it up. Lady is wonderful and makes small talk. I sheepishly explain I have not had a long term toddler placement in 9 years and suddenly she stares at me eyes wide. I think oh  crud should not have said that. She whispers “Are you a foster parent?” I smile it is me and my BFF why are we whispering so I say yes. I pay her and she says “Wait wait” and hands me back half my money. She looks at me with tears in her eyes  and says “God bless you for loving some one else’s kids”  I protest and insist it is not a huge expense and I am appreciative but this is not necessary and she says “I insist you are doing God’s work and I can’t charge you for that”  I thank her profusely and we leave.

I  get home and after much ado and no instructions it is together. I put little miss in and suddenly  it is bed as a trampoline. Jump jump jump. I lay her down and walk out to put her brother to bed upstairs, as I come down the stairs I hear the familiar creaking of bed as trampoline and walk into the room. Little miss flops herself flat down on her stomach and starts laughing.

Yes baby you were caught. Now go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Tales from the Crib

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  1. God is good. It’s amazing how we (people ) are at times. Literally saying no to our blessings! She has to be obedient to the Father also. I’m happy you finally excepted 🙂

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