Strange Turn of Events

I am closing up my files at work when my cell phone goes off. I recognize the number but not really. Everything in me said “Don’t pick up the phone” but I realized it could be the kids at day care so quickly I pick up the phone. It is my agency

“You know why we are calling you we have a placement. I know you are mad but would please consider taking a boy 4 and a girl 1”

The back story is hard to hear very serious drug use and a relapse. No one else is available it might be til Wednesday or it might be really long term. No one is sure so I sigh and agree I mean I wanted to stop fostering next week but something deep in me says to do it and I finish packing up to go home. I shout to my co worker “Gotta jet placement” and she shouts back “Weren’t you going to give that up?” and she starts laughing.

I was going to give it up. I wanted to stop and yet here I was standing in my driveway waiting for protective services to drop off two young kids who are probably scared to death because they have no idea what is going on. Both arrive and the 4 year old is articulate and readily adapts to the house until bed time.

I hate bed time for new kids the girl starts screaming and goes on for 17 minutes non stop. Finally gasping for air she settles and falls asleep. He runs around the room three trips to the bathroom, fidgeting with the covers, needs Kleenex and on and on. Finally after 45 minutes the room is quiet. I dare not look in because I might wake them. My head is throbbing from the screaming. I start the prayers that they make it through the night asleep.

The irony of this is not lost on me. I wanted to stop it looked good but now this. It could be a few days it could be long term. All of it makes me question what is suppose to happen. Am I really not suppose to go for the kids in Ohio? Am I not suppose to change agencies? I think I need a translation of the divine plan for me and my family.

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