The Roller Coaster part two…

Again I was at work but this time talking to a customer when my screen flashed I had a message. I looked quick and saw it was the agency I will meet with next week. I focused again back on the customer, I had sent a message confirming our appointment so I assumed it was the confirmation.

Lunch rolls around and I open the message because I can’t remember if the appointment is at 11:30 or 12:00. The message is simple

Yes, we are all set for Feb. 13th    We would also like to talk to you about possibly MAPP training some of our new clients.

I almost started to cry right there at my cubicle. I had never told them that I was a MAPP certified trainer they must have looked me up prior to our meeting. I swallowed hard because one of the struggles I had with leaving my agency was that I would have to give up the MAPP training which I loved so much. Teaching is a passion for me and all the foster parents I trained always mentioned how much they learned from me in that class. I hated the the thought of giving that up.

I am so excited right now to meet with them. Even if I can’t make the suspense from the other agency for the kids I was interested in maybe still something can actually work out.

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