Thinking Deep Thoughts

I was at church a few days ago and my pastor approached me and started to talk to me about my adoption situation. Now I felt awkward because there were others listening and no I had not made any formal announcements about my plans…oh well if my life went as planned nothing would be exciting right!!!!

He mentioned to me that I should pray about my child or children. I was confused and he made a few excellent points. The first thing he said is that maybe my kids were not yet freed which is why I am experiencing delays. He also jokingly mentioned that maybe they hadn’t even been born yet. Well I burst out laughing at that and assured him I had NO PLANS for an infant adoption. But it is what he said next that made me think tonight “Pray for your kids and their family because there is no way that you can become a parent without a family losing a child”

All of the sudden it seemed to hit me. I mean I know this but suddenly I realized that he was right. A family is losing in order for me to gain and that made me sad. Don’t get me wrong I know the reality of kids in care but deep down I firmly believe that the original mom really does love the child even if they can’t care for them. Their loss and the loss for the child really hit me today and I felt sad, truly sad for all of them. When I looked at the pictures of kids today it was different I have to remember how hard this for all of us.

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