A Rock and a Hard Place

I have been away for a few days thinking and praying on what I should do next. In the midst of all of this I get a form letter from my agency saying the annual foster parent dinner was being cancelled due to lack of participation. I was floored when I first came to the agency we had two annual parties for families, a foster parent dinner and support groups. Over the last few years all of it disappeared our agency doesn’t even do trainings anymore for foster parents they tell us what other agencies are sponsoring them so we can go. When I ask why all the things disappeared and I am told “the foster parents don’t participate”. Yet this whole time at no one has ever asked me if I needed something, what I want to see never once in all 8 years I have been with the agency.

In two weeks I go to an orientation at another local agency. It is Christian organization and I am little worried. I am a Christian but not overly religious. I have profound beliefs and faith but don’t feel the need to get in other peoples faces about it and if this agency is overly religious well I don’t think I could handle it. Anyway after the orientation I have to decide if I want to go forward abandoning my foster parenting agency. I feel like my current agency is going down fast. I don’t feel supported and they have said that if I adopt it will all be on me they will not provide services. I really can’t think of a reason to stay but I feel bad going.

I need to keep an open mind at the meeting for sure. Hopefully it will go well but so hard to say.

One thought on “A Rock and a Hard Place

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  1. Sending more positive energy.
    I’m Christian as well, but find this community to be pretty overwhelming on the religious front. I totally get your hesitation about going somewhere where you might be uncomfortable. So wish you were in the area–I’d recommend my agency. Lots of support and services. Religion take a backseat, and yet you know its there if that’s your thing.

    Hoping you find the right fit and soon!

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