Making Decisions

I did some searching last night as well for two other agencies that handle older child adoptions. The first agency I contacted I had talked to previously and they stated it would be over $12,000.00 I would have to be re-trained and start again. I gasped silently as I read the email, even if I saved there is no way I am going to come up with that kind of money. I vowed to search for funding because what the heck others do it so there must be a way. I felt like I was walking in the dark, no clue where I was going or what to do just kept plugging along. AHHHHH why can’t I have a sugar daddy, a wealthy relation or even someone close to me who has done this before.

This afternoon on lunch I checked my personal email and I received a message from the other agency I had contacted. The cost was $3,400.00 which was not crazy high and with some creative saving I could afford. They listed a number that I called and they talked to me for about 15 minutes. I would not have to do a retraining they accepted my current course and actually encouraged others to take the very one I had taken. The fees were due on a schedule and could be moved around slightly if I was having trouble making it as they were laid out. Yes I would lose my foster license with the county but did I want to keep it after the harsh things they said to me yesterday. They would represent me and work out details when it comes to adoptions but yes I would have to do a bulk of the searching though they too would look for me.

I sent out a mass email to my friends (foster and not) and asked for input. All my friends responded quickly  and almost unanimously agreed dump the county go with the agency. Wow my friends don’t often come to agreement on anything this was strange but telling. So now I sit and think about my options. I can go to another agency and get representation but in turn lose my foster license and leave a group I have been with for 8 years. I can stay where I am and hope for better.

Definitely need to think some more about this and consult my higher power.

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