Zero to Hero Challenge

Hi Everyone

OK I just realized I started talking about my journey without proper introductions..I say how rude..

I am an adoptive Momma from New York who has two beautiful kiddos thanks to foster to adoption and I am looking to add between one and three more. I am looking for girls specifically and my age range is 3-12. I love kids but thanks to genetics can’t have my own. I grew up as a foster sister so fostering came natural to me. I started out as a respite worker for seriously emotionally disturbed teenage foster children and did that for 7 years until a series of unfortunate events put a child I knew personally into the foster care system. Now 8 years later this child and her sister are my adoptive wonders. Affectionately known as my M&Ms or M1 and M2.

I decided to document my journey because when I looked around I did not see a lot of people doing what I did. I know a lot of adoptive families and most had done so with infants. I have no interest in infants and yet wanted to adopt but where was my know the one with the older kids… I thought if I can document the joys and frustrations of building my family maybe someone else can be better prepared and learn from my mistakes along the way.

I love telling stories and I hope as people read they momentarily distracted from everyday craziness. If they are thinking of starting the journey themselves I hope I can provide guidance. If they are farther along the journey than I, I hope to gain knowledge from their comments.

Ultimately when 2015 rolls around I hope to have the story of adoption for the newest additions to my family, the lessons of those who went before me and the camaraderie of bloggers just like me.

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