Lots of mixed messages

I was pleasantly surprised to get a few emails from inquiries I had made over the holiday week. The first not such good news…

Case Worker’s Update to Families:1.2.14 L’s social worker will be looking at families in Oregon and Washington first and then will widen their search

OK it happens the child’s status  went to urgent so it is understandable that they are looking for families that are closer to where the child lives. After all if it is urgent you can’t really be moving the child across country quickly. Well maybe you can but that isn’t my kind of luck.

Next email:  Thank you for your submitting your interest.  We are currently reviewing all families. The child’s profile will be sent to your case worker.Thank you and have a good day!

Sounds positive right??? Well my worker won’t forward it to me she will eventually email the sender back and say contact me directly but in the mean time we hear nothing. Yes I did contact the worker myself and let her know but she won’t email me till she hears from my worker. My worker after all is a home finder for foster care not an adoption worker. Sigh…so frustrating.

Last email: Thank you for your inquiry regarding R. For your family to be considered as a prospective adoptive home, please contact the following Alaska state caseworker. They can assist you in finding the best way to forward your family’s home study.

I sent an email, explained the situation and hope to hear soon.  R is a long shot though she is in Alaska so I doubt anything will come of it at all but what heck here is to trying!!!

Bring it on 2014 I am raring to go!!

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