First rejection of the year

Thank you for having your home study sent for consideration of R.  I’m sorry that I missed that you are a single parent.  Unfortunately, due to R extensive special needs her worker is looking for a two-parent family for R.

Well the good news is that I don’t have to travel to Alaska any time soon. Yes as I noted in the earlier blog I did know this was a long shot so I am not overly disappointed but I am just the same disappointed. I mean how hard is it to post with the summary that you are looking for a two parent family. I have seen it in other children’s summaries and for obvious reasons don’t inquire about those children. But when you have a conversation with someone and ask for their home study do you not think a critical detail such as this should be brought up? It would have saved me the trouble of sending the home study for sure.

Uggg sorry sometimes my frustration gets the better of me. I have to be tolerant of oversights such as this one. I know I need to chill they don’t dislike me personally it is just that I made a choice that they feel is not in the best interest of the child. I do after all choose to be single. Yep let the judgments begin…sigh…

All right all right I need to shake it off….remind myself it is about the needs of the child. Yes there are still a few feelers out there and yes I do trust that God will bring me to and through it so off I go to do something more productive then wallow in self pity.

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