Some days I am foolish

OK so the day after Christmas I was thinking a lot about my future kids. I made two phone calls today one to a set of girls in Ohio to see if they received my home study. I never know these things and yet sometimes case managers won’t talk with me directly. She was not in today of course and won’t be until next Thursday. Ugggggg I hate the waiting part but it is a part of the game. I also called on a new set of kids in PA to get more information. Of course she was not in either and wouldn’t be until Monday. No I cannot say I am surprised just disappointed.

I had a funny thought the other day that I wish I could fast forward the time clock. But suddenly I thought no I don’t want that either because what if the forward in time was the same as right now. What if no progress had been made and I was still looking. No I definitely don’t want that to happen so lets just take it a day at a time.

I also started reading other people’s blogs to keep my spirits up. I was captivated for hours literally last night reading one person’s journey to today when she has kids. I got caught up in it much like a good book and thought, yeah I can do this. It is amazing how many people start this journey and how differently it turns out for everyone. What I appreciated the most was the honesty the other bloggers expressed and their frustrations. So much of this was missing when I first adopted that I felt alone and now a whole new world is out there where I can connect to people just like me.

This is awesome!!!

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