Another day another rejection

Thank you for your inquiry regarding N.  At this time, she has been matched with a prospective adoptive family.  I see that we already have your home study on file so if there are other children you are interested in finding out more information, please let us know. “
Well that was weird, didn’t think I would hear from anyone this week and yet the rejections keep on coming. No I am not disappointed this one was a long shot for sure. She is in Ohio but she was young, as in 6, and of course very desirable. I made a joke with a co worker about putting “accepting rejection” as a strength on my resume since I seem to be doing it a lot lately. But no I am not really down about it, a swing and a miss as I have said before.
The sibling set in Ohio I blogged about earlier I did say I wanted more information on but the worker won’t be in until 1/6/14 so no news for a long time. What will make it worse is that she will contact my worker who will not contact me directly with info but instead eventually re contact the sender telling her to call me directly….Sigh…I am working with DSS not an adoption agency and they are not supportive in terms of adoption solicitations but rather will provide my supervision once a transfer has taken place. I thought about using an adoption agency but then I lose my foster parent license and would have to pay over $3,000.00 in agency fees for training I already have and a home study I already have. So yes the convoluted way is how we are doing it .
So onward we go to look at more kids maybe sometime today. I did recheck the site and no there was nothing that jumped out at me. Oh well we shall see what the weekend brings. Maybe I will wait to look since no one really updates on the weekend.

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  1. It’s always so interesting how people come to this journey. I never wanted to foster and a week into the search i realized I couldn’t handle the type of experience you describe on your blog–which all lead me to an agency. You are strong; this process and its moments of rejection are hard not to take personally. Just know that your kids are out there waiting to be matched specifically with you. I won’t tell you to be patient (I think that a bs’y thing to say here), but I’ll say hang in there. It’s going to happen for you and your family.

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