Merry Christmas one and all


The living room is a disaster….pretty sure there is a floor in there somewhere. I mean logically it was there yesterday so it must still exist today though it cannot be seen. The presents are opened and my kids are playing around as I walk into the kitchen.

“Mom you didn’t get anything for Christmas. What did you want?” inquires my oldest DD. I laugh and say “A Ninetendo DS””  She laughs too and says “No really Mom what do you want?”

How can I explain it to her? What I want you can’t buy. I want the kids to be healthy and happy and for right now I have that. I want more children but Santa definitely can’t bring that on his sled. What I want can’t really be bought and it is not that I am unhappy because I have all I need. I smile at her and say

“Sweetie I really don’t want anything past you and your sister being happy. Actually the only thing I want that is a thing is to watch the Grinch (my favorite movie)”

She bounds off to the living room to put it in for me and we all sit down together. Suddenly my oldest DD stares at me and says ‘OMG Mom I just realized something!!!! The Grinch was adopted just like we were!!!”

I start to laugh and so it was. The movie does point out that “two old bitties” took him in on Christmas and “raised him as if he was our own…” No wonder all of us love it so much.

Now if only a pumbersella would drop out of the sky with my future kids. Oh wait I don’t do babies. 


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