This morning I learned appreciation

I go to the kitchen to make breakfast, as the kids eat I go upstairs and get some clothes for little one to wear that are warm. I come downstairs give her the clothes to wear, give the older clothes to wear and tell them to get dressed. The begrudgingly do so after many prompts. G1 puts on the new khakis and exclaims “They fit me perfect and they are new!!!!” with joy and elation like I haven’t seen in awhile. I instantaneously felt horrible about how poor this child must live that she is excited they are new and they fit perfectly. (The pants she came in were a size four and so dirty they have dirt creases even after washing. The khakis I got her size 6 slim)

 I say to little one “Come on G2 I have to do your hair” now she has this frizzy what looks to me like bi-racial hair so I get the big comb to start and the moisturizer. Holy Hannah and holy carp is her hair DRY and knotted. It takes me a full 10 minutes to un-knot and moisturize poor baby’s hair. So I over lotion it and really quick French braid it so that the lotion will mostly stay in her hair and not get on her hat. I yell to the others to come on time to go and G1 comes in to see me..

 “Why didn’t you do my hair?” I am confused, she told me that she could do her own hair as I did ask right after I told G2 I was going to do her hair. She looks very disappointed. I say “What’s up?” She says “But I want my hair just like my sister’s” Well we are already late but what the heck shouldn’t be too hard I figure just a little tricky as her hair is halfway down her back. I ask her if she brushed her hair already (its in a pony tail) and she says yes. Thank goodness for my mom’s intuition because something told me “don’t start at the top”.

I start at the bottom and there are snarls galore, frizzies everywhere and again her hair is fairly dry. I gently ask “Honey when is the last time you actually brushed all of your hair” she says “I don’t remember” So after a painful (literally) and long 15 minutes I finally get a brush through and conditioner on so it will not be so messy frizzy.  I braid it up just like her sisters and when I am done she says “Can I touch it?” I tell her sure it’s in and braided as she asked. She touches it gently like it would break and looks at me almost in tears and says ‘Nobody ever braids my hair”

OMG the crap I take for granted….

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