A Turn of Events

I just got word back from one of the inquiries I sent. They want a family with no other children so again I am out. I sighed and just went back to work after all no point in thinking about it more nothing we can do. I answer the phone and talk for a bit with a customer, when I turn back there is an email from my home finder. 

“Please call me. Placement pending”

Well I know it isn’t permanent because I am after all a foster parent but about two hours after the email and my calling her back I am given two children to look after for at least the night. Plan unknown at this time but they are part of a sibling group and they are looking for a family to take all of them but in the meantime its an emergency and they are apart.

They look so tiny and small as they stand near me. I hear protective services tell them “This is my friend you will be staying with her” but they don’t know her, they don’t know me they are little and they are so very scared. The oldest adjusts quickest she has been though this before and knows the ropes. The youngest just clings to me. After much convincing she eats a little dinner and then the long task of putting them to bed.

My heart hurts for these kids it is two weeks before Christmas. I feel bad for Mom I don’t know the story but I have kids and being away from them on Christmas would destroy me. The good news is that is spurs on my desire to adopt. I want to end this for some child or children. I want to be the last stop so that the rest of the Christmases you don’t have to worry if Santa will know where you live.

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