Beginning Again

About six months ago we had a family meeting and the kids were asked what they would like to do in the future. We had been a foster family for 8 years and I was not sure where we would go from here.  The kids were sure though and immediately spoke up they had decided that they wanted to adopt another child or children. They wanted a sister and the age really didn’t matter to them to much.

So we reached out and got our home study redone to update it to reflect the new house information. We posted the home study to a site called A Family for Every Child and started combing the site Adopt Us Kids daily for leads as to a child looking for a forever home. We submitted many studies to many children and never heard one way or another. Fortunately I knew these things take time so I did not despair but I did wonder when it would happen for us.

One day as I was driving home from work it finally happened nearly two months after submitting a name for a child I had the Interstate Compact Coordinator on the phone asking me if I was still interested. It was like Christmas day in August for our family as I told the kids and brought up the child’s summary. Several phone calls and a rather intense interview later the ICPC coordinator contacted our agency and was told that “no placements were being recommended”  I had failed a lead inspection and was in the process of fixing it when it was decided that my home would be temporarily closed until re-mediated. I was devastated but I understood. I know the hazards of lead dust and while my kids probably would not lick the door frames dust could get us all.

A month and a half past and finally the work was completed. The Department of Health cleared my house and my agency opened me back up again. I was on cloud nine we could go forward with bringing another child home. I inquired about the initial young lady and was told she was still available and my name would be resent to the worker. I was nervous and scared all the what ifs were racing through my head then one day it hit me…it had been three weeks since the worker got my name and no contact had been made. I knew it couldn’t be good, whenever things like this happen in my world it is usually bad news.

An email later my world crashed down. The ICPC coordinator had been transferred to another location and sent me a note saying not only was she not able to work it anymore but that I would not be pursued because “your worker does not support you taking another placement”  I was angry, confused and frustrated. My worker arranged for me to do a respite for a child in care at the end of the week if she thought I shouldn’t have a placement why was I getting respite for the weekend. In reality it was a day it felt like a year between when I asked the worker what happened and was their something I missed and when she would return my email.

Finally the email came and yes it was a misunderstanding. Yes she would clarify it for me but she had some reservations. We discussed the reservations and I could completely understand where she was coming from but yes I still wanted to move on. She said she would call the new worker later on in the day.

So maybe…just maybe this journey can begin….

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