Vacation Orchids

I decided to take the kids to Philidelphia this winter break instead of Florida. They have become so ungrateful lately and expect that these things will happen so I needed to mix it up. I do enjoy Philly though so it is fun for me as well. Also it is milder here than at home... Continue Reading →

Meeting Blues

Yesterday I had a meeting that made me sad. I am guessing as a parent of a child with significant disabilities it is understandable that meetings which involve the topic of high school graduation are tough. The meeting was sponsored by the district to guide those of us with special needs children as to the... Continue Reading →

Winter Fun

We like to sled at our house. Since we live in upstate NY we have months of winter and tons of snow this is a good thing. Today we decided that it was the day we go sledding. The hill we went to today was super steep and gads of fun. Of course the down... Continue Reading →

Another Plan Unraveled

Have you ever thought "Please let me be wrong"? Well that is truly how I felt when I found out boytoy was joining the Navy and going to basic training. My head knew he could not make it through but deep down I did want him to succeed. Unfortunately, yesterday the call came and he... Continue Reading →

Moments of Delight

I have taken this title from one of the blogs I read AdoptiveBlackMom. I love her blog and her most recent posts were about remembering the small delights along the way of this journey. So here are some of my moments of delight. When M2 turned her head and looked at me when she heard... Continue Reading →

Maximum Limit Reached

Have you ever thought, when it comes to your kids, I can't do this anymore? The stress of their latest challenges makes you feel overwhelmed and helpless? Well that is how I now feel thanks to M1. Yesterday a friend of M1's sent me a screen shot of something she had posted in a Facebook... Continue Reading →

No Way to Win

Today's exchange with M1: I haven’t slept all night; Baby S would only sleep in a weird position that made me hurt so I couldn’t sleep, do you think you can take her tonight? Mom please take her M1 I have to work and I have other kids in the house. I know it is... Continue Reading →

The Continued Nightmare

Yesterday CPS called me and asked how things were going with M1. I told them I did not know, that I knew she was full of drama and she had been telling people she dropped the baby, she was exhausted and she was going to snap any time now. Well she told this to another... Continue Reading →

Off to Basic Training

Yesterday M1 dropped boytoy off at MEPS. For those that don't know MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Unit. Located down the street from where I work, it is where the recruits for all services start their paperwork for basic training. He was sequestered after 4pm and could only talk to my daughter via phone.... Continue Reading →

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