Re-integration of M1

It has been a long couple of days at chez ANYM. I am sometimes ready to kick M1 out again but then realize all she is really doing is showing me how unable she is to care for anyone or anything, so I must be patient. She came home Sunday and the understanding she agreed... Continue Reading →

Returned Again

M1 returned to the house today. We made her switch rooms so she did not have free access to a back door to slip boys in and out of. Also, now that she is pregnant, I can't have the infant crying and waking up N when it comes to school time. No not due any... Continue Reading →

Endless Confusion

"Is my laundry day still on Monday?" OK I was not actually awake, I was half asleep as it was late at night. I read the message a few times as it was not sinking in what was being referenced here. So I asked what she was talking about and could she clarify as I... Continue Reading →

Take 2 on set

OFFICIAL CALL TIME FOR MON, MARCH 5 is 4:00 AM sharp (Early Morning) Please be ON TIME. Let me be clear, I  love mornings, I am a morning person but.......having to get up at 3 to be on the set at 4 and driving in the pitch black to a place I have never been....ok stressful. I got... Continue Reading →

Up-ending us again

M1 sat on my couch looking dejected. She told me that she broke up with predator and is back with boytoy. She arrived however in predators truck with boytoy....yah I can't make heads or tails of it myself so I just work at keeping my big old mouth shut. She told me she wanted to... Continue Reading →

On the set

"What does an emoji smell like anyway? Why would I want my car to smell like an emoji?" That was the line Patricia Arquette actually said to me and her body double when we were standing waiting for a shot to be reset. Both of us started laughing and the gal in charge of the... Continue Reading →

Home for Dinner

We were graced yesterday by M1, boytoy and predator...sigh, yes I invited them over. Apparently boytoy left a sweatshirt in the hamper here and he wanted it so they came over. I did invite them to have dinner and after M1 told me there is "no healthy food in this (meaning boytoy's) house" I was... Continue Reading →

15 Minutes of Fame

Good news....not kid related but still good news..... This afternoon my phone rang. It was a NYC number I did not know so at first I though just let it go. Then I realized the same number called me last week, if its a wrong number I should tell them. So I pick it up.... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Continues

OK now M1 is actually pregnant. No I am not surprised. I got her birth control she refused to take it, not shocked. Talked to boy toy about using a condom, he forgot, how convenient. Oh did I mention she is not technically with boytoy? She has moved on to predator. She is also not... Continue Reading →

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